Its Finally Over!

Sooo, its pretty clear to you that I am gad that this whole blogging thing is over #sorrynotsorry Mr.Bromm.

It was just Easter break and this is our first PAA class since we got back, and it is over!! I don’t have to write blogs anymore :). You are probably wondering why I hate blogging so much. You really wanna know why? Well i am not really good at thinking about topics to write about, so that makes it difficult for me to blog. I like the whole idea of “blogging” it was actually pretty interesting to learn about!

Sooo, this is my last blog and I probably wont blog again, so ill see ya’ll later!

By: Sierra, Lenek



Okay, so lately me and some friends have been obsessed with game.. its called Run 2. Everyday we practice in class, I know, I know “don’t play games in class!” but its only if we are done or need something to do. Its so fun!

So far I’ve beat all the levels for the runner and the skater, but I haven’t got all the bonus’s. Lol.

run 2

What happened today?!?

Okay, im in PAA right now, and we have to write blogs. So…this is mine. Since ive never done this before im just gonna tell you about my day so far.


So this morning we had a band performance, we played for the adjudicators, Chesapeake Serenade and Sound And The Fury . For Chesapeake Serenade we got 87%, and for Sound And The Fury we got 86%. Thats actually pretty good!

Next I had Social which we missed most for band, but for the other half of it we played cool math games.

And  now im sitting in PAA writing this blog for the world to see.

I have 4 more periods to suffer through. lol jk but nope still got 4 more to go.

A Little About Me

Hey, im Sierra. I am 13 years young!  I live in Canada, where winters are long and unbearable. Hopefully spring is coming aha. I absolutely love adventures. I am a huge Blue Jays fanatic. GO Blue Jays GO! haha. My best friend in the entire world is Kaitlyn. She is one of the most awesome people you’l

I am a hands on learner. I would rather work with friends, but i know i wouldnt get much done so i should probably work by myself